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760 Talleyrand Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Local: (904) 791-9992
Toll Free: (800) 718-5598

ERS Corp., also known as Environmental Remediation Services (ERS) is a full service professional contracting firm. Located in Jacksonville, Florida since 1990, ERS has established an excellent reputation as a reliable and trustworthy contractor for a wide variety of businesses and industries throughout Florida, Georgia and other southeastern states.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Environmental Services

Construction Services

Transportation Services

Land & Civil Services

Our clientele includes rail companies, trucking and shipping companies, financial institutions, churches, schools, hospitals, governmental agencies, as well as consultants, engineers, realtors, and legal firms. We contract large and small industrial companies, as well as manufacturing companies, throughout the southeast.

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive environmental compliance program, which meets your current and future needs. Our goal is to minimize your liability in the most cost-effective manner.